Series 800

MERCER Series 800 PTFE Teflon® Expansion Joints are the Sure and Economical Way to Solve Difficult Expansion and Misalignment

The Teflon® material is corrosive-proof, chemically inert and does not age. Flexibility and flex cycle life is equally exceptional. The Teflon® body is formed over the full sealing face of the flanges eliminating the need for separate gaskets. The fluid or gas never contacts the floating flanges.

The Type 800 is manufactured in 2, 3 and 5 arch variations designated 802, 803 and 805. Flexibility and allowable movements increase with the number of arches. Teflon® is ideally suited to the following problems:

  • Handling Nitric or Sulfuric acid in mining or plating operations.
  • Providing low spring rates and high flexibility to protect fragile FRP, PVC or glass pipe from damage caused by expansion, contraction or ambient vibration.
  • Accommodating expansion and contraction in high temperature (to 350°F, 177°C) caustic green, white and black liquor lines in pulp mills.
  • Preventing pipe line vibration from damaging glass linings in acid and caustic soda pumps.
  • Providing flexibility to prevent flange leaks caused by the minor explosions in lines from Chlorine generators in bleaching plants of paper mills.
  • Providing non-contaminating, sterilizable, flexible connectors for the food processing, medical, and chip manufacturing industries.

The standard assembly utilizes high strength carbon steel flanges complete with three restraining bolts. The Teflon® is reinforced externally with stainless steel rings between arches. They are also  vailable with stainless steel flanges and stainless steel hardware. There is a MERCER Series 800 Teflon® Expansion Joint to suit your needs.

Style – 802

Style – 803

Style – 805

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