HG Series Isolation Bushings

HG Series Isolation Bushings

Bridge-Bearing Neoprene Washer Bushings. The ideal product for isolating fixings, mechanical plant and structural steel. Purpose made, single piece construction. Don’t settle for inferior antiquated alternatives.

Applications – Non-Seismic/Seismic

  • Pipework Risers
  • Purlin Isolation
  • Structural Steel
  • Plant and Equipment Bases
  • Used in conjunction with Mason Super/Mini Waffle


  • Shear 2.2kg – 78.6kg
  • Tension 4.4kg – 157.2kg


  • M6 – M38


  • Mason Super/Mini Waffle Isolation Pads
  • MAST – Seismic Anchors


Isolation Bushings to be built to Bridge-Bearing Neoprene Specifications. Bushings to be one piece and shall be type HG, as manufactured by Mason Industries, Inc.

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