MASON SUPERFLEX Rubber Expansion Bellows

Applications – Non-Seismic

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Handling Units


  • 5kg – 18144kg


  • 25mm – 127mm


  • Height Saving Brackets
  • Seismic Snubbers
  • Bolted Base (SLF-H)

MASON SUPERFLEX Rubber Expansion Bellows

Superflex EPDM flanged rubber bellows are recommended for Expansion and Contraction. They save the expense of costly Expansion Loops. Our flexible connections protect against harmful start-up and surge forces while guarding against Vibration that could result in damaged piping and noise installations.
Utilising a locked bead construction with a moulded reinforcing ring in the twin sphere (MFTNC) Supplied with Ductile iron floating flanges finished in red baked enamel.

Available in both single sphere and twin sphere, please refer to data sheet for flange options and pressure ratings.

Nominal Bore

  • 20mm – 50mm MFTFU
  • 40mm – 300mm MFNC/MFTNC

Options – MFTFU

  • Ductile Iron or 304 Stainless Steel NPT, British or Metric Standards (MFTFU-DI/MFTFU-SS)
  • Sweat ends for copper piping or Brass Threaded End for Brass pipe (MFTFU-CT/MFTFU-BT)
  • PVC Slip on Cemented Union or PVC Threaded End (MFTFU-PC/MFTFU-PT)
  • Nominal Pressure – 17bar – 121oC with pressure correction

Options – MFNC/MFTNC

  • Single Sphere (MFNC) or Twin Sphere (MFTNC)
  • 17bar – 121oC with pressure correction or 23bar – 121oC with pressure correction options.
  • British standard, ASA, Din, PN and JIN bolt pattern flanges available.
  • Control Rods and Control Cables
  • Reducing Expansion Joints (MFTCR)

Please contact your Mason Mercer representative to discuss your requirement prior to ordering to ensure correct selection

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