HPA Seismic plinth anchors

Applications – Non-Seismic

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Handling Units


  • 5kg – 18144kg


  • 25mm – 127mm


  • Height Saving Brackets
  • Seismic Snubbers
  • Bolted Base (SLF-H)

HPA Seismic plinth anchors

A major cause of equipment restraint failure is the breaking up of plinth or housekeeping pads. Virtually all housekeeping pads are poured independently after completion of the structure. In many cases there is no mechanical attachment to the structural floor and the pad itself may not be reinforced.

Mason HPA seismic anchors provide an elegant straight forward solution to anchor your plinth or housekeeping pad. The Mason HPA anchor is manufactured in three sizes and has three anchoring capacities. The inverted hexagonal pyramid is self-locking in the housekeeping pad and has provision for passing starter bars through the holes on top for positioning the pad reinforcement system. The number of anchors that are needed depend on the HPA size and the vertical rating of the SAS stud anchor as listed.

Applications – Seismic

  • Concrete Housekeeping Pads
  • Concrete Equipment Plinths


  • Tension 487 – 756kg
  • Shear 480kg – 1755kg


  • M12 – M20


Concrete equipment plinths or housekeeping based shall be seismically restrained by Mason type HPA anchors.

Note: Please consult with your Mason Mercer engineer prior to purchase to ensure correction sizing and application.

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