Isolated Ceilings

Isolated Ceilings​

Our recommendations are always based on our best spring products because the additional cost is low compared to the risk of poor performance. Hanger cost is a small percentage of an acoustical ceiling and it is most important that these sensitive systems are installed with the very best chances of success.

Primitive Spring hangers have been around for years but oddly enough, rubber hangers for a much shorter period because the industry had to get past using cork, combination cork and rubber, and fiberglass before we had a better understanding of Low Dynamic Stiffness rubber elements.


  • Seismic & Non Seismic


  • 5KG – 3393KG


  • Seismic Rebound Washer
  • Spring Only
  • Rubber Only
  • Spring and Rubber
  • Eye Bolt Attachments
  • Pre-Compressed