The Invincible 900 Series adopts the best features of our series 450 and 500. While rated at lower pressures, it has higher movement capabilities, a full vacuum rating and lower spring rates. All joints are hand built by our skilled craftsmen. The 1/4” minimum thickness solid elastomer tube is continuous with the flange face. Multiple plies of rubber impregnated high strength polyester or nylon tire cord form the first pressure reinforcement over the tube. Arch swell in response to pressure and arch migration are virtually eliminated by crisscrossed layers of reinforcement that pass over the arch and around steel rings embedded on both sides at the base of the arch.

A minimum of two additional plies provide protection to the carcass and the cover rubber layer. All of the layered reinforcement and cover materials are carried through the full faced flanges.

For Hand-wrapped Joints, flanges are brought to thickness by bolting the steel flange forms. The body is pressure wrapped by layers of nylon tape. For Molded Joints, both flanges and body are formed in cavities of the molds. The joint is cured in a pressurized thermostatically controlled steam chamber or oven for optimum performance.

After the wraps, forms or molds are removed, the final product is a tough homogeneous expansion joint customized to safely handle the intended service. A variety of tube, cover and carcass elastomers are available and selected to provide superior chemical and aging resistance in temperatures ranging from -30° to 400°F (See Bulletin CRG-MR1).

Style 900

Style HT900

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